Cyber Security Technology, Media & Telecommunications (TMT)
Apr 13, 2018

Lexology 2018 Q&A Report on Data Security & Cybercrime in Malta

The following is a Lexology Q&A report compiled by Dr. Andrew Zammit and Dr. Nicole Attard dealing with “Data Security and Cybercrime”. GVZH is the exclusive contributor for Malta for...

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Technology, Media & Telecommunications (TMT)
Apr 10, 2018

Telecoms & Media in Malta | 2018 GTDT Edition

Authors: Dr. Andrew J Zammit Communications policy Regulatory and institutional structure The regulatory framework for telecommunications in Malta is based on the following primary and...

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Banking & Finance Financial Services Regulation Technology, Media & Telecommunications (TMT)
Apr 10, 2018

The 2018 International Comparative Legal Guide to Fintech in Malta – Q&As

Malta provides a very attractive environment for technology-based businesses having a European marketing strategy.  The island has seen significant growth in the technological sector, including...

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Aviation Registering an Aircraft in Malta
Feb 28, 2018

Commercial Importation Of Aircrafts

An aircraft whose owner is established in the European Union and is intended for commercial use may be imported through Malta for VAT purposes and...

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Corporate & Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)
Dec 06, 2017

The Rights Granted to Minority Shareholders under the Maltese Companies Act

Authors: Dr. Andrew J. Zammit, Dr. Kurt Hyzler and Dr. Amanda Vella “The rights of minority shareholders are an important and rapidly developing branch of...

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Alternative Investment Fund (AIF) Financial Services Regulation
Oct 21, 2017

The Notified AIF – Malta’s Fast Track Fund

The following article appeared on the IBA industry publication on investment funds Volume 20 No. 1 Dated August 2017. Authors: Dr. Andrew J. Zammit & Dr. Kurt Hyzler...

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Credit & Financial Institutions Financial Services Regulation
Oct 09, 2017

Lexology Navigator: Secured Lending

Trends and regulatory climate Trends What is the current state of the lending market in your jurisdiction and have any new trends emerged over the...

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Corporate & Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)
Oct 03, 2017

New Incentives for Family Businesses

The Family Business Act aims to regulate family businesses and the manner in which they are managed and operated. It also endeavours to ease the...

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