Recent amendments to Employment Legislation

Further to the announcement of the Government to add extra vacation leave days to the previous entitlement; this has been implemented by virtue of LN 367 of 2017.

This Legal Notice is set out to amend the Organisation of Working Time Regulations and shall now include the following wording “Without prejudice to the provisions of this regulation, as from the 1st January 2018, an extra eight hours paid leave for every worker shall be added to the paid annual leave entitlement.” Therefore, making all entitled to an additional eight hours of leave.

Another recent change has been the amendment to the national minimum wage, which has been adjusted to the following:

  1. age 18 years and over ………€ 172.51;
  2. age 17 years ……………………€ 165.73;
  3. under 17 years …………………€ 162.89.

Finally, and by virtue of LN 366 of 2017, the cost of living increase for 2018 has been established to be €1.75/ week and this Legal Notice has also included a €1 increase as a supplement.

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