Employment and Industrial Relations Law
Feb 21, 2019

Performance Bonus paid out more than 5 years later

The Court of Appeal in its Inferior Jurisdiction overturned a decision taken by the Court of Magistrates and ordered the payment of a performance bonus...

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Employment and Industrial Relations Law
Feb 06, 2019

New Directive on Work-Life Balance

A new Directive, known as the Work Life Balance Directive, has been proposed to repeal the existing Framework Agreement on Parental Leave, made binding by...

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iGaming Law
Feb 04, 2019

MGA Issue The De Minimis Games Directive

The Malta Gaming Authority (the ‘MGA’) has issued a new directive, The De Minimis Games Directive, Directive 3 of 2019 (the “Directive”) which aims to...

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Data Protection
Jan 23, 2019

Google hit with €50 Million fine over GDPR Violation

On the 25th May 2018, the same day on which the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) came into effect, complaints were filed against Google by...

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Employment and Industrial Relations Law Employment law overview: Malta
Jan 16, 2019

Malta Employment Law Updates – January 2019

In August of 2018, four Legal Notices were published making amendments to annual leave entitlement, itemised payslips, transfer of business legislation and temporary agency workers....

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Dismissal Employment and Industrial Relations Law
Dec 17, 2018

Uncommonly High Damages Awarded by the Industrial Tribunal

On the 5th December 2018, the Industrial Tribunal, in the case of Christopher Zammit Dimech vs Cherry Limited relating to unfair dismissal, awarded €20,000 as...

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Data Protection
Dec 05, 2018

Maltese Court of Appeal: Employee Email Addresses Constitute Personal Data

On the 5th of October 2018, in the case of Doreen Camilleri vs Commissioner for Information and Data Protection, the Court of Appeal reversed a...

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Private Clients, Citizenship & Residence
Nov 28, 2018

The Intra-Corporate Transfer Regulations

The Conditions of Entry and Residence of Third-Country Nationals in the Framework of an Intra-Corporate Transfer Regulations (“Regulations”) were brought into force through Subsidiary Legislation...

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Malta Individual Investor Program (IIP) | Malta Citizenship by Investment Program
Nov 21, 2018

New Individual Investor Programme Agency Set Up in Malta

Legal Notice 384 of 2018, Individual Investor Programme of the Republic of Malta (Amendment) Regulations, 2018, and Legal Notice 385 of 2018, Malta Individual Investor...

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