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Numerous individuals are attracted to the tiny island state and relocate to Malta every year. Primarily, Malta is the perfect location to expand your business, to retire with peace of mind, to invest, to buy luxurious but affordable property and relocating your family in the smoothest way possible. After all, the Islands have plenty to offer- a typically Mediterranean climate, great history, culture, a prosperous economy and a multilingual population.

GVZH Advocates’ Malta relocation services are targeted to both individuals and businesses. Upon assessing your relocation inquiry, we will strive to guide you and present you with a number of options in order to facilitate your move to Malta. Our professional and quality-driven solutions are geared to assist you and to save you precious time.

Why would one opt for Malta?

Relocating your business and or family to Malta can be advantageous for a number of reasons, besides the sun and sea, Malta offers a number of programmes which grant one a special tax rate, residency and/ or citizenship.

Malta’s Prosperous Economy and Lifestyle

  • Fitch Ratings reaffirmed Malta’s rating at “A” with a steady outlook. Fitch also recognises the fact that Malta is willing to keep on overtaking other EU states with regards to employment and GDP growth. (published on the 11th of September 2014)
  • Malta has maintained its 2nd place ranking on the 28th edition of the Internal Market Scoreboard, identifying Malta as one of the European Union’s best performers within the internal market. (published by the EU Commission on 17th of July 2014)
  • A strong economy as well as a safe, secure and pleasant lifestyle.
  • Excellent standard of education
  • A European Union Member State
  • Malta is a member of the Schengen Area
  • Free movement of capital
  • Political stability

Preliminary steps

Prior to relocating to Malta, it is important to be well-informed and prepared before making your move. It is essential to keep in mind that travel documentation and permits are essential whilst relocating to another country and being in possession of a valid passport is of utmost importance.

Furthermore, one should think ahead when applying for a visa or a permit since these may take some time to be issued. Whilst relocating, it is advised to keep all the relevant documents, such as credit cards, identity cards, driving license, residential permits, bank statements, utility bills, birth certificates, marriage certificates and insurance policies at hand, as these will essential when applying for an e-Residence card or a work permit.

It is also important to note that Maltese citizens are offered free health care benefits in Malta. EU/EEA/Swiss nationals – who are temporary living in Malta – also benefit from direct access to health care, but only on Presentation of the European Health Insurance Card together with an identification document. Nevertheless, should these documents not be made available or the individual is a non-EU/EEA/Swiss national, health care bills must be paid in full. It is thus advisable that prior to relocating to Malta, the individual ensures that he has the right health care insurance.

Essential procedures to follow when taking up Employment in Malta

EU/EEA/Swiss Nationals employed in Malta

Such individuals do not need an employment licence, with the exception of individuals relocating from Croatia. Nonetheless, such individuals should obtain an NI number, and an e-Residence card.

Self-Employed EU/EEA/Swiss Nationals in Malta

Such individuals do not need an employment licence. This category also includes individuals from Bulgaria and Romania and their respective family members. However, such individuals must obtain a NI number and an e-Residence card. Registering oneself with ETC is also essential for this type of employment.

Non-EU/EEA/Swiss Nationals employed in Malta

Third country nationals must obtain an employment licence, which are subject to market considerations. Moreover, such a licence is also necessary for those who are in possession of a long-term residence status. This kind of licence is not subject to market considerations. Notably, labour market considerations include:

  • an employer’s past and situations concerning staffing and dismissal patterns;
  • a country’s current state of affairs relating to surpluses or scarcities in a particular occupation and sector;
    contractual obligations and business investments.

Self-Employed non-EU/EEA/Swiss Nationals in Malta

An individual who would like to work on a self-employed basis must apply for an employment licence. In order for such a licence to be issued the non-EU national must qualify under one of the following conditions:

  1. Invest in Malta capital expenditure of at least €100,000 within 6 months from the date on which the ETC licence is issued. Capital expenditure shall solely consist of fixed assets (such as immovable property, plant and machinery) used for the business purposes as reflected in the business plan submitted with the application. Rental contracts do not qualify. Such expenditure needs to be supported by receipts in the TCN’s name. The application also needs to be accompanied by a letter of reference in respect of the TCN, from a reputable Maltese bank that certifies that the TCN has the facility to raise such capital;
  2. Highly skilled innovators with a sound business plan – to be submitted with application – who commit to recruiting at least three EEA/Swiss/Maltese nationals within eighteen months of establishment;
  3. Sole representative of an overseas company (with a sound reputation and established for at least three years abroad) wishing to open a branch in Malta – evidence of representation is required;
  4. A person leading a project that has been formally approved by Malta Enterprise and formally notified by the latter to ETC.

Applications containing a firm commitment re the engagement of EEA/Swiss/Maltese nationals as part of the staff complement will assist in the favourable consideration of an application.

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