Banking & Finance

GVZH Advocates is well-established in the field of banking and finance, dealing with the regulation of banking and financial institutions including electronic money institutions; asset, corporate and project finance transactions; and the registration, preservation and enforcement of security rights.

Our banking and finance practice is geared to offering the following services in relation to finance transactions:

  • Registration and establishment of banks and financial institutions
  • Establishment of Electronic Money Institutions (EMI) and Payment Service Providers (PSP)
  • Excercise of passporting rights within the European Union
  • Preparation and review of loan agreements and security agreements;
  • Advice on security rights in rem and in personam;
  • Registration of security rights;
  • Structuring of syndicates and security trust arrangements;
  • Providing legal opinions on the validity and enforceability of financial security and any amendments or variations thereto;
  • Conducting searches in public records in Malta;
  • Assignment or novation of security;
  • Debt restructuring;
  • Preservation and enforcement of security rights;
  • Tax structuring.

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