Brandon Meli

Brandon joined GVZH Advocates in 2019. His main areas of focus are Aviation Law and Maritime Law, as well as Intellectual Property Law, ICT Law, and General Civil Law. He also has a keen interest in Culture and Entertainment Law.

Having read his Law degree at the University of Malta, he was conferred a Bachelor of Laws graduate in 2017, after submitting his Term Paper entitled ‘A Philosophical – Legal Analysis of Article 102 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union and Article 9 of the Maltese Competition Act’. In 2018 he qualified as a lawyer after he was conferred a Master of Advocacy graduate in 2018. In 2018, he furthered his studies by reading a Master of Laws in European and Comparative Law, where he graduated in 2019, after submitting his Master Dissertation entitled ‘Intellectual Property within the Video Game and Film Industries – A Comparative Legal Analysis’. He was then called to the bar in 2019.

In his University days, he was involved in various student organisations, most notably, GħSL (Ghaqda Studenti Tal-Ligi / Malta Law Students’ Society), where he formed part of both the executive and administrative boards of the organisation, serving as both Academic Coordinator and finally as the organisation’s Secretary General.


Brandon speaks Maltese and English. He also has a basic understanding of French and Italian.