Yasmine Aquilina

Yasmine joined GVZH Advocates as a Legal Trainee in July 2015 and is mainly involved in IT law, EU law, media and telecommunications law and intellectual property. She has been involved actively in legal research and she gained knowledge with respect to the drafting of contractual agreements and general commercial reviews for the firm.


Yasmine is reading for her law degree at the University of Malta. She was conferred a Bachelor of Laws with European Studies together with a Diploma of Legal Procurator in 2014. In 2015 she obtained a Diploma of Notary Public and is presently reading for her Doctorate of Laws and is writing her thesis on net neutrality in the European Union.


Yasmine is currently also an editor for the European Law Students Association (ELSA),  a coordinator for the Mini European Assembly and a member of the Malta IT Law Association (MITLA).


Yasmine speaks fluent English, Maltese, Italian and French and has a basic knowledge of German.